Thursday, September 11, 2008

Liquid Metal Guitars Ship 18k Gold & Chrome Guitars to Singapore

The Liquid Metal Guitar Company (LMG) is pleased to announce it's first shipment of the new 18k gold M1 T.V. Jones Special, as well as the standard chrome version to Davis Guitar Center in Singapore.
"We are extremely pleased to be working with Davis Guitar Center " states Phil Cook, owner of LMG. " We've always felt Asia was tremendous market for us and now to have such a well regarded group as Davis to work with to open it up for us, is great."
"Gold makes for an exceptional looking guitar, without question, the 18k gold makes it wonderfully unique and bold. We're glad Davis sees the market in our art and technology"
"Our mandate is to build metal bodies guitars that take advantage of the exceptional sound opportunities we have found through our growing expertise, as well as, creating looks that one can only get with metal." says Phil.
LMG guitars are not another reinterpretation in wood or plastic. It is metal machined, hard cool metal - with soothing curves and sinful cuts, whose luminescence sizzles and shimmers as only metal can. LMG guitars are a celebration of noise and cars and rock and roll.

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