Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can I talk about myself talking about others?

"There's gotta be more to life than this..." Can't remember from where I got that quote, me thinks I got it from a song or a movie. But it doesn't matter, after that phrase strucked my ear, it made me think about buying an airfare ticket to Never-never land.

Hi! Welcome to my BLOGSITE, hope you'll enjoy you're visit as I talk about things I find logical, rational, not logical, and irrational things that I must check out before checking out.

I would not dare ask myself when, what or how I want to depart from this soil, it gives me such creeps every time it passes by my mind. The creeps that i feel by the way are not the idea that my life is finish and I'm gonna be placed at a coffin, that I'm gonna be ugly or whatever. The creep I feel is something different, something with more substance, I asked myself weather the things I do today, the places I'd been, the people I've met would even matter after life... Ok, I know that you might be thinking that this will lead to something religious, that I will talk about salvation and all but let me say this early that it's NOT. It's simply my thoughts about introducing myself.

Well anyways, yeah going back, I don't want people that I'm suffering from anything serious and I'm dying faster than anybody, I'm not as of this moment. The point is this I wanted to live long, because I wanted to do so many things like I dreamed of meeting BB King, learning Mandarin, make music, and the list would just go on and on.

So, I basically want this site of mine to tell you, the reader about the uphills and down slopes of the people around me, why? Co'z they're my life too... (But I'm not gonna invade any privacy here, I do not intend to) Warning: What you will be reading today may or may not be edifying in some nature but, heck this is my site, and I'm not gonna change the world with it, so be cool about it!

Next post will be my morning ritual.