Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time for a Break!

August 30, 2008 (Late post :( )

Our company went for a whole day fun under the scorching sun in the island of Pandanon, Mactan. The beach was beautiful! Although it was not my first time there, I was amazed by its simplicity yet grandeur all over again. The island is located near the boundary of Bohol, I even thought of kayaking my way there :) but it was exhausting I figure hahaha.

SO, yeah the island is pretty simple, sand, beach, few neighboring islands, and people, but that's what exactly amazed me, sometimes you don't appreciate the most beautiful things when it's surrounded with all the "extras", at that point I was just simply marveled by how the island is from a far and near :) Reminds me of a typical "cebuana" without the dangling, glittering, glamour that covers it. Just simple beauty period :D

Although I said it was not the first time I've visited the place, IT was a first of many things for me. One, is I was able to ride and drive a jet ski hehehehe (yeah!) the ride was a thrill, excitement, a definite adrenaline rush! The good thing about it is that I was able to unnoticingly conquer my fear of you know drowning, maybe my eagerness to try the machine got the better out of it :) good thing!

Another first for me is scuba, we had first hand demonstration from a dive master accompanied by our President, just a few basic drills and reminders he gave before plunging into the deep (If you call 20 feet deep enough, hehehe) Well, uhm in some twist of events I wasn't able to try the scuba but heck hehehe I'll have my chance at another time, no need to rush things :)

Whew! After almost 4 hours of skiing, posing for photos, eating, swimming, scuba, kayak. We pack our stuff and head to the other purpose of our trip, and that is Mangrove planting, yeah! Another first for me, well I had the privilege of photodocumenting the whole affair but I made sure after my work is done I'd be able to plant a seed or two. Had to give my part of taking care of nature too you know. Here's some photos I took:

So what you think about my shots? How much does it worth? Hahahaha! Kidding. Till then.

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