Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acquired A New Guitar

Been thinking a LOT about getting a new gear for some time already, and finally the day came when I really felt the NEED to have one, see... I haven't really owned a guitar for myself, the uhm gears I used are borrowed from my faithful and ever supportive friends (thank you, guys). This is a dream came true for me! It's a prayer answered, it was a long wait but I haven't had any doubt that one day it will be answered :) and I'm so glad that it came at a right time, see... my bud just got married last Friday Sept 5, Back before maybe 2 months ago I thought it would be a nice time for me to acquire a guitar and play it on my friends wedding day, well I thought it was a good idea but I was never really expectant that they might come into reality! To make the long story short I was able to get a new guitar AND play it at my friends wedding day! Was sure a bliss! I had fun many people said my guitar sounded good and I'm very happy my prayers came true.

Who is this guitar I'm talking about? Well it's not really much, but I'm damn proud about my new baby SCARLETT, yeah that's her name and this is what she looks like:

A modified Vintage Strat by Squire. I was visiting a guitar shop one day drooling over a Fender Telecaster (which is my dream guitar 0_0) while all of a sudden this "Strat" caught my attention, at first I was hesitant because it's just a "Squire" and it's not really a high-end guitar so it's a no-no for me. But somehow the unique look of this guitar seemed to have mesmerized me and got me into some sort of a trance and before I knew it I was test-driving this guitar. And I was surprised! Is this really a Squire? I mean, it sounded so good for one. Or maybe I'm a little out of time that Squires at this age really does produce quality stuff like these? I discover that it sported a Duncan Designed pickups so that must have been the source. Hmmmmm.

Check out the reviews for this guitar: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Fender/Squier+Vintage+Modified+Stratocaster/10/1

So immediately I thought, this could be the guitar for me for the moment. Well, I wanted to have a Telecaster but it would definitely cost more of course and honestly I have to consider that,because I have other priorities for my dough. And another thing, right now the only ones available in our local shop are the lower ends of the Telecaster and I'm hoping for the Am Standard. :) So I made a decision to cash in on a Strato for the meantime and save some more for my dream guitar, maybe next year, who knows, eh?

But for now, I'm gonna enjoy playing with my Baby, she's so beautiful like my dream girl, almost! :p

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