Sunday, August 3, 2008

Preping my day with the blues

I love playing guitar! I can't think of it anymore statement emphatically than that, I think of it from the night I sleep 'til the day I wake up! I need to get my hands on it everyday for I don't feel right if I miss a day not playing guitar, damn! I love this instrument, and I could not express any better how I adore this masterpiece than playing it as long as I can. I'd make sure I play a riff or two everyday, just enough to make my day... and if my memory is good enough I'd be able to memorize that riff and record it at night time. THAT'S HOW MY LIFE BASICALLY WORKS! And nothing will ever stop me from living like that, do I make a statement here?

I hope so, because I realized that as you grow older, you know things weren't the way they were before, back then when you're in college studying where you can feast to the allowance mom and dad gives (thank you, guys for making it easier for me back then, *sniff), but comparing that to the present where you choose (uhm, It's more of a must on my part co'z of certain reasons) to live on your own and you finance everything you need now, so it's imperative for you to have a decent job... and KEEPING IT (most people at my age get a hard time with this). And can I re-iterate "...everything you need" not want that would be a different story now will it? Well, let's connect that to my the most favorite thing I wanna do in my life. Very recently, have I acquired such adoration over guitar, but don't mistake me as some newbie guy here who you now, you fell in-live with one thing then the next day gets tired of it and leave it to rot. It's not the case here, why? Let me give you a little background bout me. I began riffing (if there's a word) when I was in 2nd year high school, oh yes the good ol' days when the thing that motivates you to learn to play guitar is the girls you see around the campus... Hehehe I just loved the way they looked back then, so amazed and they go like, "how did you do that?" or "can you play this, or that song for me?" or "can you play this song for my debut", etc.

Back then, I had this feeling of being the ultra cool guy, a lot of my friends would told me co'z hehehe I'm the regular guitar player, you see I'm not a bad player at all. I have this skill of
resourcefulness, see what I do is look for songs which you know the cheesy type, with lyrics that make you remember your debt! And with the simple looking up in the internet, I find tabs of those songs, those songs are easy to play and I learn fast (I learned how to read tab without even using a guitar! We'll you don't need to, tabs come as they are). That was my life for maybe until first year college, but again times change and you're not the same person as you were 10 years ago, so I gave up guitar... realizing I can't make money out of it, I bagan to focus my eyes on finish my degree which greatly hampered my practice time until it came to a point that I said to myself "I'm no guitar player anymore." might as well finish college so I can work abroad, earn lots of money, marry, have children and send them to school, and go back to step 1. I thought that would be my life, a life of constant redundancy, well I'm cool with it... NOT! I had that in mind and I thought NO WAY that's gonna happen to me, there' s gotta be more to life than this! I thought that I could escape destiny, that I could stop the waves of the sea, that I could defy gravity... "The inevitable will be..."

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