Monday, August 4, 2008

G-U-I-T-A-R: won't mispell this word

Moving out has led to to many realizations, so many things have unraveled before my very eyes ever since I decided to step out of the boat and walk on water. One particularly, is that in this world, you can never be so much fulfilled in life, there will always be something better than what you have or wanted. Back then, when I was staying with my family I used to be content of living life picking only the things that I wanted to experience, 'I like driving so I'll take the motorcycle, I hate walking.' or 'I'll mind my own business.' Of course, by nature most of us want a comfortable life, the type that just say a word and it will be given, well I'm not saying that we live that kind of life as a family but something close :) So I'm kinda at tune with living relaxed not having to worry what tomorrow will be for I have security. Those were the times when all I did was... nothing, yes practically nothing. I was lazy, sleep late, wake up late and lie on a couch until I wanted.

Those things, began to change as time went by... We experienced crisis that well brought our house down literally, our business went bankrupt since my father went overseas to work. Then, our house (in Manila) caught fire and nothing practically left, but the foundations (good thing we decided to move out a year before the incident happened). So you see, those things may have been the shakiest times in my life. Well, to be honest I wasn't that sad about the house for ever since we transferred in Dumaguete, I kinda felt at home and wasn't sure about going back to our place. So, in short I'm done with that chapter in my life.

So, here I am in Cebu, one of the busiest place in the Philippines quite safe to say one of the more progressive ones, too. The place where I thought I could make a good start living life away from the comforts and security of my family. This place has led me to think of many things that I could not imagine I could be. One of it is the guitar, Cebu is where I rekindled my passion for playing, it made me dream big once more, it re-fueled my hunger to further more explore the mystery of this magnificent creation. Now, I could not quit on it. It's totally addicting, the euphoria I feel every time I held my hands in to it. Whew

How about you? Have you found a place or a person or anything that made you return to the things you love to do the most?

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