Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My comment

If you're one of those who belong to the working class in the Philippines then chances are you're also experiencing the horrendous (I credit Simon for the term), ugly, lousy, lame service the on-line SSS gives... Aaaaarrrggghhh I've been wanting to check my remittances because I've been planning to take a loan but, I CANNOT because the site is always, always down. I've checked and checked the site countless times hoping that I could see how much have I deposited but to no avail!
My goodness! This site reflects so many people in our government... if not always sleeping on the job, always absent! Hey, wake up! Get your feet going and start serving!

You know, despite this things I still have hopes that one day we can be better people, that we can change, that we will rise up again as a nation, as people who loves this country not because of what it gives, but because we own it, and it is our motherland. I thank you, bow.

Here's the site, you may wanna check it out if its awake already.

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