Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Two weeks ago I found myself dumped in a manhole. It started while I was closely attending someone on the rooftop in the office where I work, looking constantly upward as I was on the ground, I didn’t noticed that I was stepping on a square cement-made cover for an opening, a hole; it seems that the weight of my body was too much for the cover to bear and at the slight moment the cover fell off with me still on top of it.

As I was rushing downwards I had the presence of mind to use both hands to push against the ground so that it would somehow break the momentum of my fall, but it was kind of a second late because I found out that both my feet were already soaked on dirty, smelly, murky water. I immediately pulled myself out of that pit and head straight to the closest source of running water around and washed my sneakers and some portions of my pants. I got some minor bruises on my hands and legs and so I asked my colleague if I could go home for a while to change my clothes and be back after lunch.

It’s definitely the most embarrassing moment of my life. Being in a situation where I least expected the most would happen to me made me feel so uncomfortable, I felt all of a sudden all eyes were on me and I didn’t know what to do. “What’s this?” I asked myself, the feeling of your feet being soaked deep on the dirt of people was so humiliating, I will not forget the horrifying smell my socks bore that time.

But somehow that experience made me remember one important lesson in my life… I was reminded of a person who shared the same experience as I did, only it was a hundred folds worst than what I experienced. My embarrassment when I fell on that pit was no match for how degrading people have treated Him, the humiliation I got was not even close to what he had when his robe was being torn apart by the roman soldiers and even before he was being nailed on a log he suffered wounds, cuts and lacerations so deep he could hardly walk. I was reminded how God loved me what the Son had to go through because of that love.

Is 54:10 God assured his people that even if the mountains be shaken and the hills being removed, never will His unfailing love depart from us.

Lam 3: 32

Ps 33:18

God is love and since He lives eternally, so is His love will endure forever.

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